September is Recovery Month

Join the Voices for Recovery Month

The Recovery Month observance highlights the societal benefits of substance abuse treatment, lauds the contributions of treatment providers and promotes the message that recovery from substance abuse in all its forms is possible.

Recovery Month also serves to educate the public on substance abuse as a national health crisis, that addiction is a treatable disease, and that recovery is possible. Click here to see what’s going on in your area.

Click here to see what’s going on in your area.

FDA approves Suboxone® Film 8/31/2010

Suboxone® sublingual film will be available from early October 2010 to patients in the same doses as currently offered by Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablets. During clinical studies, Suboxone sublingual film was shown to be faster dissolving than Suboxone sublingual tablets. Because of the faster dissolution and the taste profile, patients preferred the film. Each individual dose of Suboxone sublingual film will come in a child-resistant pouch.

Full announcement | Learn More/Timing/Savings

Marketing exclusivity rights for Suboxone® and Subutex® expired October 8th 2009.

This opened the door to generic competition. As of today, there are two generic formulations of Subutex, but no generic formulations of Suboxone. Subutex is primarily for supervised dosing as it doesn’t contain the naloxone misuse deterrent.

Suboxone Here To Help Patient Assistance Program

Now each DATA-2000 waived physician can have up to three patients on the plan. Unlike before, doctors don’t have to store the medication on the premises. Patients are given a pharmacy card that can be redeemed at the pharmacy for the prescribed Suboxone. It is suggested that doctors who have patients on this plan also offer reduced fee or free services. Although not required, charging may defeat the purpose of the program – to bring treatment to those who otherwise could not afford it. Learn More

Insurance: File the claim yourself

Do have insurance but are unable to find a physician who will accept your plan? You can file the claim directly with your insurer. Many patients have done this and received direct reimbursement. Most insurance providers will happily provide you with the necessary forms and instructions while some companies will need persistent inquiries. But don’t think that just because your doctor doesn’t accept your insurance that you can’t get reimbursed. This website by HBO has some great information on how to get your insurer to pay.

Seven Ways to Find Buprenorphine Treatment

Once you have made the decision to talk with a doctor about buprenorphine treatment, you will find not all doctors can prescribe it. In fact only about 18,000 of the 700,000 U.S. physicians (2.6%) have the necessary credentials to prescribe buprenorphine for addiction. In addition those who can prescribe have further limits on how many patients they can treat.

To become certified doctors must take an 8-hour course and file a request. This can be done online. See You can ask your doctor to become certified.

Click Here for the Seven Ways to Find Buprenorphine Treatment

Did you receive something similar to this?

NAABT has an imposter – A cowardly opponent of evidence-based medical treatment for addiction recently mailed out misinformation about buprenorphine misrepresenting himself by posing as us (NAABT,Inc.) Apparently he was attempting to add some credibility to his unsupported theories, misunderstandings and accusations by associating it with our name instead of his own.

Imposter Envelope

Free Peer Support Referral Cards – while supplies last! We have referral cards to available for no charge.

In some parts of the country patients cannot find live support groups that understand the challenges and benefits of medication assisted treatment. The Addiction Survivors patient community is available 24/7.

Addiction Survivors Peer Support Referral Card (front)Addiction Survivors Peer Support Referral Card (back)

To order free cards: email us at or fax 860-269-4391. Please include your name, street address and how many cards you would like. Peer Support Brochure
An explanation of what peer support is and how it differs from therapy and the other components of a complete recovery plan. For multiple copies, email name, street address and quantity to:

Addiction Survivors Peer Support Brochure is a positive, support community that embraces modern evidence-based methods of addiction treatment. It helps relieve the anxiety often associated with beginning a new phase of their lives and helps create realistic expectations of the treatment experience.

About Addiction Survivors. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing peer support communities for those with addiction disorders and their families and friends.The communities are funded in whole by individuals whose lives have been touched by addiction in one way or another.

Patients and Prescribing Physicians. Patients and prescribing physicians can now order a free "in case of emergency" wallet card that alert healthcare workers that buprenorphine can affect opioid pain medication. The card also lists a link to this web page: with important relevant links useful if opioid pain treatment becomes necessary. Simply email us a mailing address to send the card to at

NAABT Emergency Medical Information


If you are a certified physician please be sure your information is correct on the physician locator. Please check for spelling and correct phone number.You can now update your own contact information.

Use this link to go to the update form.

If you know of a colleague who is on the list but should not be due to no longer practicing, please advise by calling: 1-866-287-2728 or emailing:

Voluntary Disclosure: Some of the funding for this organization is provided by anonymous donors whose lives were touched by evidence-based addiction treatment and were willing to help support our mission. NAABT, Inc. has also accepted funding from pharmaceutical companies in the form of "Unrestricted Educational Grants." The grants are "unrestricted" so that there are no "strings" attached. NAABT, Inc. has complete control over how the funds are used, there are no restrictions on the content or mission of this site, and donors have no control over the content of the site or NAABT’s activities. NAABT, Inc. is solely responsible for all of its activities. Click here to learn more about NAABT.

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