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The Buprenorphine Effect on Depression Nationwide Patient Physician Matching System (PPMS) 4,880 patients matched to
buprenorphine-prescribing physicians in the first year.

Blue dots represent contacted patients.

The online system is a non-intimidating 24/7 anonymous way for patients seeking buprenorphine treatment to connect with an appropriate certified physician in their area who has an opening, matches the patient's needs, and ability to pay for treatment.

From 9/1/2006-9/1/2007 7,225 patients had registered. 4,880 (66%) have been offered treatment by at least one of the 1,308 participating physicians.

Presumably the 4,880 are patients who were unable to find treatment through other means and might not have found treatment at all if not for the free online service.

Long waiting lists existed prior to the launch of the System. Now, some patients in metropolitan areas are contacted within minutes of submitting their anonymous registration, and most others within days.

Pie Chart
Click on graph for more information.

Unfortunately, there are still a few areas, such as Vermont and Spokane, WA, where patients have waited for months without contact from a physician.

Physicians reluctant to be listed publicly on the SAMHSA list, can still use the system to contact patients that best fit their practice and expertise.

Counselors/advocates/help-lines/social workers can submit a registration on behalf of patients without computer access, and simply inform the patient with the good news when a physician with capacity to treat them replies.

  • 7,225 patients registered seeking a certified physician that matched their needs.
  • 175 patients were still pending on 9/1/2007 and 2,170 had opted out of the program. Of the opt outs, 1,315 were contacted by at least one physician.

Try the Demo Version to see how it works.

Counter display“The challenge remains to make patients aware of this free service. The system, even with only its current participating physicians, could connect 10,000 patients in 2008. Help is here, and in most parts of the country there is no longer a waiting list. We just need to get this news to the patients.” said Timothy Lepak, President, NAABT, Inc.

You Can Help!
Please help spread the word about the Matching System. We’ve created counter displays that explain what buprenorphine is and how to find a doctor. Pharmacies have been very successful with this display, and they are available free to anyone with a place to display it. To get a free counter display, email us at

If you have a website please consider adding one of our banners. It is a direct link to the matching system and can be a convenience or even a lifesaver for your visitors. This page explains how to add it:

For more information:

Patient Physician Matching System Banner

Survey Results.
Patients using the matching system are invited to fill out an online survey a few
weeks after they have been contacted by a physician. (475 answered)

  • Do you have insurance or other means to pay for treatment? 84% Yes
  • Do you currently see a counselor? 71% Yes
  • Are you employed? 61% Yes
  • Do you attend 12 step meetings. 33% Yes
  • Would you attend meetings if they were not based on the 12-step program? 69% Yes
  • Were you treated like a “patient” or a “drug addict”? 90% “Patient”
  • Do you feel that your life has improved since you started Buprenorphine?
    93% Yes
We invite counselors with modern evidence-based philosophies to register for our locator that will be shared with other advocacy organizations nationwide. There is no cost to register and listings can be edited or removed by the counselor at any time.

The Physician Locator (Patient/ Doctor Connection Button) is now a buprenorphine resource page. It combines many list and puts it all on one page. You enter your zip code and only information that applies to you and your area will come up. It now shows:

  • Closest DATA-2000 certified physicians
  • Closest counselors that are “medication friendly” (still growing)
  • List of closest pharmacies that stock buprenorphine
  • Closest programs/clinics that offer buprenorphine
  • Studies being conducted in your area
  • Peer support near you, AA,NA, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc.
  • Links to the buprenorphine matching system and 24/7 online peer support

The printer friendly links allow for easy printing to take with you or give to a friend or patient.

Order Emergency Cards: send a mailing address to:

Emergency Medical Information Card

Billing codes. A list of common billing codes are available for download and printing from the Patient/Physician Matching system physician login page, or you can go to:

SAMHSA Locator. If you are a certified physician please be sure your information is correct on the locator. Please check for spelling and correct phone number. If you know of a colleague who is on the list but should not be due to no longer practicing, please advise.

Please note: If you have multiple practice locations, you can now add them. 1-866-287-2728

Voluntary Disclosure: Some of the funding for this organization is provided by anonymous donors whose lives were touched by evidence-based addiction treatment and were willing to help support our mission. NAABT, Inc. has also accepted funding from pharmaceutical companies in the form of "Unrestricted Educational Grants." The grants are "unrestricted" so that there are no "strings" attached. NAABT, Inc. has complete control over how the funds are used, there are no restrictions on the content or mission of this site, and donors have no control over the content of the site or NAABT's activities. NAABT, Inc. is solely responsible for all of its activities.

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