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30-Patient Limit
PRESS RELEASE (Excerpt) National Alliance of Advocates for
Buprenorphine Treatment (NAABT)
Nancy Jean Barmashi

Nationwide Service To Match Opioid-Dependent (addicted) Patients with
Physicians Offering Private In-Office Medical Treatment

- Patient advocacy group NAABT to help addicted patients locate physicians able to treat opioid dependence using buprenorphine -

Farmington, CT (6 September 2006) - The non-profit patient advocacy group NAABT, the National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment (, is launching its National Patient Physician Matching System to connect people who are addicted to opioids with doctors able to provide medical treatment with buprenorphine in the privacy of the doctor’s office. The free-of-charge matching system is the latest extension of the overall goal of NAABT, which is to educate the public on opioid dependence, buprenorphine treatment, and the benefits of treating addiction in a doctor’s private office with prescriptions medications, and appropriate psychosocial therapy. “Buprenorphine treatment is an extremely effective weapon in the fight against addiction,” said Timothy Lepak, President of NAABT. “Many of the patients I speak with who are now able to manage their addiction with the help of buprenorphine say that it has saved their lives. Unfortunately, despite the effectiveness of this treatment, patient access to buprenorphine treatment has suffered because too few doctors are certified to prescribe it, and because currently there is a limit of 30 patients per doctor. As a result, many patients find themselves on waiting lists when seeking buprenorphine treatment. Our new system allows patients to simultaneously alert numerous physicians of their need for treatment, saving time and hopefully quickening their access to this valuable treatment.”

About the NAABT National Patient/Physician Matching System
Ideally, someone seeking buprenorphine treatment addiction would be able to call a doctor and schedule appointment. However, that is not always the case, seeking treatment may be put on waiting lists either there may not be enough physicians certified in because certified local physicians may already have 30-patient limit. The NAABT National Patient/Physician System allows patients to register anonymously given geographical region, thereby alerting physicians area that they are seeking treatment. Once an the capacity to treat an additional patient, the Patient/Physician Matching System allows the physician contact that patient confidentially by email to discuss The patient registration process is simple completed in less than three minutes. It consists questions that helps appropriately match patients have the proper experience to help them. All patient confidential and resides on a secure server; the information required is an email address for physician For added confidentiality, the email address is immediately automatically converted into an ID#, and that is information made available to the physician.

Go to • Click Patient/Doctor Connection • Select Patient/Physician Matching System
NAABT Patient/Physician Matching System • Resources

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