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Discussion Community Update

Release of NAABT’s 2009 Public Service Announcement Series – This series consists of 3 PSAs distributed to thousands of Radio and TV stations across the country. In addition, there are three Webisodes that continue Mike’s story on our website.

Mike's StoryMike’s Story
Meet Mike. An average middle-class American, raised and living in the heartland. A business owner, loving husband, father and grandfather, Mike was very active in his family’s lives until he hurt himself at work, and slowly became addicted to the painkillers his doctor prescribed.

Mike’s story is a common one, but unlike many similar stories Mike has survived addiction and has successfully been able to keep it in remission with a comprehensive treatment plan and buprenorphine.

Mike shares his positive message and gives hope to people who think that recovery always involves long-term inpatient rehab. Mike chose a treatment option that allowed him to continue his life relatively uninterrupted.

Also, see the webisodes on iTunes, YouTube or NewsInfusion

The NAABT Patient/Physician Matching System (PPMS)

The NAABT matching system has connected over 14,000 patients with at least one of the 2,200 participating certified physicians able to prescribe buprenorphine for opioid addiction.

Counselors, advocates and addiction help hotlines and call centers have found the matching system a great resource in helping them place patients with physicians in their community.

Clinics that do inductions and stabilizations, can easily facilitate a transfer to a private physician with the system.

NAABT Patient / Physician Matching System

Patients seeking treatment map
Map of patients seeking treatment right now!

Patients register/login Physicians register/login Public Awareness/Outreach Program 2008/2009

Based on the past success of our public transportation advertising, for the past couple of months and into early 2009, has expanded placed public awareness/ outreach advertising in the public transportation systems. Markets include Baltimore, Los Angeles County, CA, Orange County, CA, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Detroit.

Painkiller/Heroin Addiction banner

We hope to create further awareness of the Buprenorphine Treatment option and to communicate that there is hope and a way to receive treatment with dignity and confidentiality.

Click here to add a free buprenorphine treatment Patient/Physician Matching System button to your website to help people find a certified physician near them.

PPMS Banner

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Find Local Resources – All on One Page!

Local Resources screenshotYou can find all of your buprenorphine resources not only on one site but on
one page.

  • Closest DATA-2000 certified physicians
  • Closest counselors/therapists (of an evidence-based philosophy)
  • Closest buprenorphine-stocking pharmacies
  • Closest treatment facilities that utilize buprenorphine

Local resources such as Studies, peer support, financial assistance, state health departments, etc.

The printer friendly links allow for easy printing to take with you or give to a friend or patient.

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Buprenorphine Treatment Locator banner

Dr. Richard Gracer's radio show online.

Dr. Richard Gracer, author of A New Prescription for Addiction, also has a weekly radio show, A New Prescription for Health with Dr. Richard Gracer. The 8/21/2008 show Buprenorphine Patients and Perspective discusses buprenorphine treatment and talks with patients about their treatment experiences. Click here to listen to the recorded broadcast.

You can also visit Dr. Gracer’s website at:

Peer support is one of the ancillary services all DATA-2000 doctors must be able to refer buprenorphine patients to. This free online recovery support is available to all patients in any phase of their recovery.

Addiction Survivors Logo
is a positive, support community that embraces modern evidence-based methods of addiction treatment. It help relieve patients anxiety associated with beginning a new phase of their lives and helps create realistic expectations of the treatment experience.

About Addiction Survivors. is a not-for-profit organization (501c3 tax exempt status pending) dedicated to providing peer support communities for those with addiction disorders and their families and friends. The communities are funded in whole by individuals whose lives have been touched by addiction in one way or another.

The FREE NAABT Resource Kit. Along with pertinent hardcopy literature,
included is a CD which contains many of the files on our Literature Page, plus over 300 other files – including an off-line version of, past newsletters, laws, research, emergency wallet card and much more. Click here to request one.

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Free Resource Kit
Over 1000 Counselors have signed up for the evidence-based addiction counselor locator. By law, all DATA-2000 certified doctors must have the capacity to refer buprenorphine patients to appropriate ancillary services like counseling and peer support.
Counselor Map
Counselors can sign up for this locator at

Click here to find a counselor
Addiction Counselor Locator Banner

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If you are a certified physician please be sure your information is correct on the physician locator. Please check for spelling and correct phone number. You can now update your own contact

If you have given permission to post contact information in the Buprenorphine Physician and Treatment Program Locator, the information will be updated there too. Use this link to go to the update form.

If you know of a colleague who is on the list but should not be due to no longer practicing, please advise by calling: 1-866-287-2728 or emailing:

Voluntary Disclosure: Some of the funding for this organization is provided by anonymous donors whose lives were touched by evidence-based addiction treatment and were willing to help support our mission. NAABT, Inc. has also accepted funding from pharmaceutical companies in the form of "Unrestricted Educational Grants." The grants are "unrestricted" so that there are no "strings" attached. NAABT, Inc. has complete control over how the funds are used, there are no restrictions on the content or mission of this site, and donors have no control over the content of the site or NAABT's activities. NAABT, Inc. is solely responsible for all of its activities.

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The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to help people, in need of treatment, find treatment providers who are willing and able to treat opioid dependency in the privacy of a doctor's office. Our website offers answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary, actual patient experiences, a discussion board, information on the history and treatments of opioid addiction, current news on the subject and more. Donate

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