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The Buprenorphine Effect on Depression

Stigma has been cited as the #1 barrier to treatment. Anyone in the addiction treatment field or receiving services has experienced or witnessed the effects of stigma in treatment availability, prices, government restrictions, payer reimbursement, and in the general attitudes of the public and even some caregivers. We can and must reduce stigma. One way we all can help is by choosing the words we use carefully. To help, NAABT has created a The words we choose matterpublication that explains how some words increase the stigma, and then we offer some possible alternative words.

In recent years science has made great strides in addiction medicine. Once thought to be a problem of morality and will power, science has shown addiction to be a treatable chronic medical condition. While addiction science has advanced, addiction language has not. It’s time to adjust our language to reflect the greater understanding we now have.

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Patient/Physician Matching System Update.

11,600 patients have registered on the Patient/Physician Matching System, since its National launch 17 months ago. 81% have been connected with at least one of the 1,611 participating physicians. Patients have been able to find physicians who accept their insurance, can also treat special conditions, are nearby, have a compatible philosophy of treatment, and most importantly are able and willing to treat them now.

Patient/Physician Matching SystemLong waiting lists existed prior to the launch of the System. Now, some patients in most metropolitan areas are contacted within minutes of submitting their anonymous registration, and most others within days. Physicians reluctant to be listed publicly on the SAMHSA locator, can still use the system to contact patients that best fit their practice and expertise, without being on a public list.

Counselors/advocates/help-lines/social workers can submit a registration on behalf of patients without computer access, and simply inform the patient with the good news when a physician with capacity to treat them replies.

For more information:

The Counselor Locator. Free listing on and

Counselors Map

The counselor/therapist locator is growing. We now have over 400 counselors listed. All have stated they are of an evidence-based philosophy and familiar with medication assisted treatment. See national map.

If you are an addiction counselor or therapist that understands the challenges and benefits that Medication Assisted Treatment brings, you’re invited to be listed on our nationwide free locator, so patients in need can find you easier and sooner.

New look to

NAABT Homepage
NAABT Local page

The website recently went under a facelift. In doing so, we hope to have made it faster and easier to find the things that interest you.

All on one page!

Now you can find all of your buprenorphine resources not only on one site but on one page.

  • Closest DATA-2000 certified physicians
  • Closest counselors/therapists (of an evidence-based philosophy)
  • Closest buprenorphine-stocking pharmacies
  • Closest treatment facilities that utilize buprenorphine
  • Local resources such as Studies, peer support, financial assistance, state health departments, etc.
  • The printer friendly links allow for easy printing to take with you or give to a friend or patient.

Patients and Prescribing Physicians.
Patients and prescribing physicians can now order a free "in case of emergency" wallet card that alerts healthcare workers that buprenorphine can affect opioid pain medication.

The card also lists a link to this web page: with important relevant links useful if opioid pain treatment becomes necessary. Simply email us a mailing address to send the card to at
In case of emergency card

Still Available. The FREE NAABT Resource Kit. Along with pertinent hardcopy literature, included is a CD which contains all of the files on our Literature Page, plus over 300 other files – including an off-line version of, past newsletters, laws, research, emergency wallet card and much more. Click here to request one.
Free Resource Kit

Buprenorphine on TV

Buprenorphine on CBS.
If you missed Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Suboxone report on CBS evening news with Katie Couric, you can click here to see the video.

Buprenorphine on HBO.
To watch the buprenorphine segment from the HBO Addiction documentary, click here.
Emergency Medical Information Card


Billing codes. A list of common billing codes are available for download and printing from the Patient/Physician Matching system physician login page, or you can go to:

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