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30-Patient Limit

(Background on the 30 limit)

Despite recent persistent rumors, the limit has not been changed. Bill S.2560 contains language to eliminate the limit for physicians who have had their waivers for more than one year. It is part of a larger bill to reauthorize funding for the ONDCP. It is currently on the Senate Calendar waiting to be called to vote. To become law, this bill needs to be voted/passed in the Senate, then voted/passed in the House, then signed by the President. During that process, the language can be altered to change the limit (perhaps to 100 as rumored), or this portion of the bill may be eliminated altogether. (The House version of this bill (H.R. 2829) does not contain this language, has already passed the House, and is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate). We urge you to sign our petition supporting removal of the limit. The first 1,000 signers have already been delivered to Congress. You may also send an email message to your
, if you prefer. Details and updates can be found on our 30-Patient Limit page.

Why is this Rationing of Healthcare Wrong? (Editorial by Timothy Lepak)

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30-Patient Petition banner

You can help visitors to your website by adding a button that connects them with a physician certified to prescribe buprenorphine. This link gives your visitors another option in addition to the SAMHSA list of providers. It allows them to register anonymously, and for free, on a list and then participating physicians with treatment openings may contact them. It is an easier, more efficient way to match patients to physicians and a non-intimidating first step toward recovery. The link below explains how you can place a banner or button on your website.

NAABT Patient/Physician Matching System • Resources

Patient instruction Brochure (PDF) 1.64MB:

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Physician Instruction Brochure (PDF) 1.24MB:

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For accurate information be sure you have entered your correct zip code. Change default zip code found at the bottom of each page at

PPMS Status report: What is the Patient/Physician Matching System (PPMS)?

On September 1, 2006 we launched the Patient/Physician Matching System
nationwide. 550 physicians in 48 states have registered since September 1st, along with 1050 patients. 580 have been connected with a treatment provider, so far. In some areas patients have been contacted in as little as 7 minutes from registering, unfortunately, in other areas some have not been contacted at all. As more physicians learn about and participate in the program, the more patients will find the lifesaving help they need. If you know someone who needs help please point them toward this resource.

States with participating physicians (including Alaska and Hawaii)

Click on the map to see a detailed map of physician locations.

Participating Physicians:

We have listened to your suggestions and improved the matching system to make it even easier than it was. The main changes are highlighted here:

We will continue to improve the functionality and features gradually. Our physician-only discussion board has a forum dedicated to questions and suggestions about the patient physician matching system.

Patient-Physician Matching-System

If you haven’t already, please click
here to support the removal of the
30-patient limit imposed on
buprenorphine-prescribing physicians.
Every signature counts – email the link
to as many people as you can!

Fentanyl Update

For instructions on how to place this
button on your website, or choose
from a variety of others, that better
match your design and space, please
click here.


If you are a certified physician please be
sure your information is correct on the
locator. Please check for spelling and
correct phone number. If you know of a
colleague who is on the list but should
not be due to no longer practicing,
please advise. Please note: If you have
multiple practice locations, you can now
add them. 1-866-287-2728

The NAABT Discussion Board now has
over 1,600 members who have posted
over 30,000 posts, over the last 12
months. The main educational site
receives an average of 2,000 visitors a
day. Although the discussion board is
not a substitute for counseling, many
have reported benefit from the
anonymous peer based forum.

We have restructured our Literature
– consolidating some of the
pertinent material available on the web.

The Physician Locator (Doctor/Patient button) sorts physicians by distance in
geographic proximity, regardless of city,
town, county, or state borders.
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