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30-Patient Limit

After years of efforts to relieve physicians, patients and their families of this restriction and allow lifesaving treatment to those in need, on 12/8/2006 both the House and the Senate passed a bill to raise the limit to 100, with some conditions. This Bill, soon to be law, states that after one year a practitioner may submit a notification of the “intent” and “need” to treat up to 100 patients. This is a great step forward. Although the need for any limit, at all, is not supported by the current body of evidence, this is a welcome change.

Details of this new legislation can be found on our 30-Patient Limit page:

The timing couldn’t be better. This news coincides with a NAABT patient awareness/out-reach program kicking off in Detroit, Philadelphia, and New York City this week. The aim is to create awareness of the Buprenorphine Treatment option and to communicate that there is hope for the many that feel trapped, especially at this time of the year. (See ad samples.)

Patient/Physician Matching System. 680 physicians nationwide have already registered and are accepting patients now. Our confidential online patient matching system is a non-intimidating quick, free and easy way to match a patient seeking treatment with a physician certified to prescribe buprenorphine. Many of the 1,593 patients who have registered since the National launch on September 1st, have been contacted by a physician the very same day.

In other parts of the country, we still need participating physicians to offer treatment to those in need in their communities. Surprisingly, in some areas there are physicians willing to treat, while patients suffering with opioid addiction are unaware of the treatment. As word spreads across the country more and more patients will “get their lives back” and put their addiction in remission.

Patients seeking treatment can register securely,
anonymously and confidentially at:

See the current national map of patients seeking treatment.

See the current national map of participating certified physicians.
(Size of circle indicates 50 mile effective service area.)

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We have restructured our Literature Page – consolidating some of the pertinent material available on the web.

The NAABT Discussion Board now has over 1,740 members who have posted over 33,000 posts. The main educational site receives an average of 2,000 visitors a day. Although the discussion board is not a substitute for counseling, many have reported benefit from the anonymous peer based forum.

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